When it comes to cycling shoes, we often see the same mistakes. Most of our first-time clients are in sub-optimal shoes when they come visit us. To make an informed decision, we need to start by understanding the rider’s feet.


In my experience, we should always measure both feet in length and width as well as take shape and volume into account to begin our shoe selection process.


A proper fitting shoe will give the rider enough space across the metatarsal heads and toes so there is no compression but at the same time minimal extra space and it will also fit snuggly especially around the heel and the instep.


If you have wide feet, go for a wide-fitting pair of shoes like a Lake CX/MX 238 in wide but never size up. If you have narrow feet, go for a narrow-fitting model like a CX/MX 332. Also, heel hold can be problematic for some, but in most instances, it is caused because the size is wrong. An heat moldable heel cup can solve this issue otherwise. Besides, achieving a proper instep support is generally not an issue now that dials have become the norm. Finally, if you have odd feet with deformities, extra adaptable footwear like a Lake CX/MX 242 might be the best option.

Common mistakes

Sizing up to accommodate a wide foot is the single most common mistake we see, ramifications for doing that include a cleat placement that is too far forward and a lack of foot support.

We work almost exclusively with Lake, as they are the manufacturer offering the most shapes and widths, and (one of) the only brand providing adequately detailed sizing informations about the lasts they use but what matters in the end is getting a pair that fits like a glove and for that, trying it on with some informed comparative testing works the best.


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