Why Choose Our Bike Fitting?


Holistic bike fitting


Our premium integrated bike fit service for our first-time clients. It can be done on your existing bike if you already have one or on our position simulator to give you the peace of mind if you are in the market for a new standard or custom frame.

Hourly fit work


This service is recommended if you've already been fitted by us in the past and want to update your fit as your body or equipment has evolved. We could also fit a second bike of the same type or of a different type such as a mountain bike.

Holistic coaching consultation


This is for you if you want further individualized advice to optimize your on and off-the bike training regimen and to help you achieve your goals. We can discuss various topics such as exercise programming, nutrition and meditation.

Lake shoe fitting

Included with purchase

Recommended before a fit if you are having foot issues or you are not certain about your shoe fit.

Men's group


If you want to become the best version of yourself, I'd be happy to welcome you to my personal development group for men. To be the best husband, father, and brother, you need to take care of yourself first. We tackle many subjects such as goal setting, health, business, and relationships. We welcome all men aged 18 and above.


Bike fitting isn’t just for professional cyclists. Whether you’re a casual rider or a dedicated enthusiast, a proper bike fit enhances comfort, efficiency, and performance. Our holistic approach ensures that your bike fits you perfectly, preventing discomfort and reducing the risk of injury, making every ride more enjoyable.

Think of a bike fitting as an investment in your long-term health and cycling enjoyment. A proper fit can prevent costly injuries, enhance performance, and extend the life of your equipment.

Absolutely. The time spent on a comprehensive bike fitting is a valuable investment. During this session, we meticulously analyze and adjust your bike to fit your body perfectly. The benefits—improved comfort, efficiency, and reduced injury risk—far outweigh the time spent, leading to years of better riding experiences. This time is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and helping you achieve your full potential.

Transferring measurements might seem convenient, but it doesn’t account for individual body mechanics, flexibility, and riding style. Our holistic bike fitting goes beyond basic adjustments, providing a tailored fit that optimizes your comfort and performance based on your unique needs. This personalized approach ensures that your bike becomes an extension of yourself, enhancing every ride.

Our holistic approach considers your entire body, riding style, and lifestyle. We go beyond just adjusting your bike, taking into account factors like flexibility, strength, and any existing injuries. This comprehensive method ensures you get the most out of every ride, tailored specifically to you. It’s about achieving self-actualization through cycling, connecting with your true self, and enhancing your overall well-being.

Most riders notice immediate improvements in comfort and performance after a fitting. However, we understand that individual results may vary. That’s why we offer follow-up consultations to ensure your fit is perfect and to make any necessary adjustments, prioritizing your satisfaction and comfort. This ongoing support helps you continue your journey toward self-discovery and peak performance.

Yes, mountain biking’s dynamic nature makes a proper fit even more crucial. A well-fitted bike enhances control, efficiency, and comfort on rough terrains, preventing common issues like lower back pain. Our fitting process tailors your bike to your unique needs, making MTB rides more enjoyable and safer. Embrace the full potential of your mountain biking experience by ensuring your bike is perfectly suited to you.

Extra coaching can be highly beneficial, especially if you aim to improve technique and performance. Post-fit coaching helps you maximize your new setup, teaching you to ride more efficiently and comfortably. It ensures you fully benefit from the adjustments made during the fitting session. This guidance is part of your ongoing journey to self-actualization, helping you achieve your cycling goals and beyond.

Bike Fit Process

Step 1

Holistic interview to understand your history, practice, goals and lifestyle habits

Step 1

Step 2

Off-the-bike assessment to understand your body function and exercise recommendations

Step 2

Step 3

On-the-bike assessment and modifications including shoe set-up and technique review to help you become one with your bike

Step 3

Step 4

Post-fitting discussion and documentation to help you in the long run

Step 4

Step 5

Follow-up after the initial adaptation period to make sure you are enjoying your experience

Step 5

Test these anatomically precise products during your fit

Coefficient Cycling handlebars

Better shoulder and hand position to improve breathing mechanics, comfort and stability.

Lake Cycling shoes

Multiple shapes and widths for different feet.

Naboso insoles

Improve your foot comfort and proprioception with these textured insoles.

SMP saddles

Promote better posture so you can engage the glutes more, breathe better and protect discs.

Speedplay pedals

The most adjustable pedal system on the market with different spindle lengths available.