Why Choose Our Bike Fitting?


Bike Fitting


Our standard full bike fit service for our first-time clients.

Hourly rate


If you've already been fitted by us in the past and want to update your fit.

SMP saddle testing

Included with purchase

If your position is optimized and you want to select the best saddle model for you.

Lake shoe fitting

Included with purchase

Recommended before a fit if you are having foot issues or you are not certain about your shoe fit.

Holistic Coaching


Consultation to discuss your on and off-the bike training regimen and help you achieve your goals.


You should take all the things you have on and with you when you go for a ride.

When your body function changes (core strength, flexibility, injuries, mobility, …) or when the bike changes (new bike or new components).
You will need to ride at low intensity for a couple of weeks to let your body adapt, so it’s better during the off-season for those who race.

We offer an optional follow-up session after a few weeks of adaptation to discuss adaptation and review changes if needed.

If the bike are of the same kind and you have the same contact point components on both of them, transferring the same measurements onto the other bike should be sufficient but if it’s a different kind of bike, you would need some extra work.

Bike Fit Process

Step 1

Interview to understand Practice, goals and history

Step 1

Step 2

Off-the-bike assessment to understand body function and exercise recommendations

Step 2

Step 3

On-the-bike assessment and modifications including shoe set-up

Step 3

Step 4

Post-fitting discussion

Step 4

Step 5

Optional follow-up after the initial adaptation period

Step 5

Anatomically correct products

Coefficient handlebars

Better shoulder and hand position to improve breathing mechanics, comfort and stability.

Lake Shoes

Multiple shapes and widths for different feet.

Lore shoes

Full custom 3D printed carbon shoes based on your individual foot scan.

SMP saddles

Promote better posture so you can engage the glutes more, breathe better and protect discs.

Speedplay pedals

The most adjustable pedal system on the market with different spindle lengths available.