Over the years, I searched for solutions to make my cycling experience more enjoyable. Many of these solutions are practices but here is a little presentation of some products that helped me appreciate my sport even more.

Coefficient Cycling handlebars

Ergonomically, they are the best bars on the market, period. The top shape really helps with proper shoulder mechanics and keeps your arms aligned. Some other features that I appreciate particularly are the hood transition providing a flatter support for the hand when holding the hoods, the drop notch which improves your hand positioning awareness and grip, and finally the slightly wider drops are particularly nice while descending.


Naboso insoles

I’ve using these spiky footbeds for months and tried them over multiple disciplines. I couldn’t expect such a fantastic result, both foot comfort and stability have been enhanced significantly. Even with good fitting cycling shoes, the toe box and sole curvature can be problematic for me and others, I found that using these footbeds basically cancels out these sub-optimal features.


Shorter cranks

I used to ride 175 mm across all my bikes for many years, but since I changed I never looked back. I now use 172.5 mm with a standard position and 170 mm with a TT position. Pedaling feels more comfortable and fluid, my pelvis is more stable on the seat and it’s also easier to bend at the hip for better aerodynamics. I personally use the SRM Origin power meter crankset on both road and track as it allows me to switch between crank lengths easily when I from the standard position to the aero and the other way around.


Selle SMP saddles

I didn’t think you could really make a saddle disappear under your buttocks but that’s the feeling I enjoy when I go out to ride nowadays. The SMP Composit works fantastically for me with its narrow width, V-shape and absence of padding. SMP saddles provide such a stable platform to anchor the pelvis and it also helps riding with a good axial extension of the spine thanks to its shape and large pressure relief cut-out.


Vivobarefoot shoes

For years, I struggled with my foot stability on the bike, especially my left foot. Over the years, I went to many specialists to have some custom insoles made and I later optimized my own foot correction as I became a bikefitter but I was still not entirely satisfied with the way it felt inside my shoes. A couple of years ago, I decided to give barefoot shoes a try, I was not even thinking so much about improving my foot function at the time but the difference it made over time is astounding. My feet have never been stronger and I don’t need any arch support or wedging anymore in my shoes.


As you can see, all of these products have made a massive difference for me and for many of my clients. One or several of those could also be your gateway to a better cycling experience.

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