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Joffrey Degueurce

Joffrey Degueurce
Holistic coach | Bike fitter | Men's group leader | Blogger | Podcaster | Cyclist

I’ve been racing bikes for over 20 years. I started having problems on the bike when I was around 16 years old. I looked for solutions, but no one in my region could really help me. That’s how it all started.

After that, I developed a strong passion for bike fitting. I decided to strive to offer the highest quality bike fitting service in the world to help people become one with their bikes.

More recently, I realized that bike fitting was much more than a simple adjustment of your bike. It could also be a step towards your self-actualization. I had truly found my purpose.

A bike fitting service like no other

Bike fitting is about optimizing the interaction between a cyclist and their bike. Therefore, optimizing both the cyclist and the bike will lead to the best results. When I say holistic bike fitting, I mean that I dive deeply into understanding the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual characteristics of the rider. By adopting this broader approach, which goes beyond viewing rider interaction through a purely biomechanical lens, we achieve the best outcomes.

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top 3 Reasons for a bike fit


Riding should be a pleasure, and achieving a comfortable fit is essential to that. When your body and your bike become one, you enter a state of flow. In this state, cycling feels almost effortless; every pedal stroke becomes a joyful experience.

Power transfer

Power transfer is about harmony and momentum. The right fit ensures your energy flows directly into each pedal stroke, turning your effort into joyful acceleration. It ensures that your disciplined training is fully exploited.


Aerodynamics is about moving in harmony with the air. An optimized position lets you glide effortlessly, transforming air resistance into smooth, fast motion.

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