Bike Fitting By
Joffrey Degueurce

Joffrey Degueurce
Bike Fitter | Semi-professional Cyclist

I’ve been racing bikes for 20+ years. I started having problems on the bike when I was around 16 years old then I looked for solutions but no one could really help me in my region, so this is how it all started. After that, I really started developing a strong passion for bikefitting. I had found my purpose.

BIKE FItting

Bikefitting is about optimizing the interaction between a cyclist and his bike. There are about 15 points over 3 different contact points areas that we can adjust on a bike that will influence a rider’s biomechanics, so our objective is to optimize all of that and leave no stone unturned.


top 3 Reasons for a bike fit


Riding should be enjoyable, if you are more comfortable you can get into flow state more easily.

Power Transfer

We train so hard to reach our own potential, so don't let an improper fit waste your hard-earned power.


About 75 % of air resistance is caused by the cyclist body, so optimizing its position is paramount to ride faster.